Sunsets and Shooting Stars

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Sunsets and Shooting Stars: A Cape Cod Memoir

Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

The delight he has found in his reminiscences transports me back to my own summers as a young child and then as an adult with my own children in Cape May, New Jersey. I did enjoy Dr. Seidel's account. His memories are very personal, with real names and places used.
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About Rick Seidel, author of Sunsets and Shooting Stars

Born and raised in Northeastern Pennsylvania, Dr. Rick Seidel and his family have been vacationing on Cape Cod every summer for the last 35 years a tradition shared by many New Englanders...
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Despite economy, families stick to travel traditions

Memoir reflects on childhood summers on Cape Cod

TYLER, Texas Traditionally, summer is the time when families pack their bags, load up the car and hit the road for family vacations and long weekend getaways. Summer travel is an important tradition for many families that use the time together to reconnect and create lasting memories. But with the down economy and rising fuel prices, the summer forecast looks gloomy for travelers this year, opting many families to stay closer to home or forgo their travel plans altogether....
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